How to Link Klout to a Google Plus Page

Published on Author Eli Fennell

Link Klout to Google+ Page

If you have a personal or business account with Klout, and a Google+ Page, then you may have found yourself wanting to link the Page to your account. Until recently, this would have been primarily if not entirely for the purpose of boosting your Klout Score (a score which I consider almost entirely meaningless in itself, but which gains meaning because so many other people believe in it that people have been known to lose job opportunities over low Klout scores, for example).

However, Klout’s recent transformation to a social content creation, sharing, and scheduling platform presents at least one additional incentive: the possibility that Klout will eventually link the activity of your Google+ Page to its list of suggested content sources. Already Klout can analyze your followers on Facebook and Twitter to determine what is trending, what they haven’t seen that they might want to see, etc… It is, in fact, the only “personalized” content aggregation source I’m aware of that is designed not to identify so much what you want to see or need to see, but what your audience wants and needs to see. Of course, ideally those two things will considerably overlap each other, since Klout is supposed to be measuring your authority, and what sort of authority could you have in a topic you aren’t yourself interested in?

Whatever your reason, whether the score or the possibility of future enhancements to Klout’s content recommendations by factoring your Google+ account in as well, if you’ve tried to do it then you’ve likely been disappointed to find that Klout officially lacks support for Google+ Pages, much as it lacks support for LinkedIn Company Pages.

Luckily, there is in fact a way to do it. Before I continue, let me make clear that this method allows you to link a Google+ Page to Klout or a Google+ Profile. You can’t do both (yet). This will therefore likely be a more appealing option for a Klout Company Profile rather than a Personal Profile, unless you feel your Page is the more important account to be linked. Peg Fitzpatrick is an example of a Google+ user whose Page has more authority, by before, than her personal Profile, but such users are in the minority. Additionally it may, depending on certain factors, ‘confuse’ Klout, for example if your personal accounts you’ve linked are decidedly personal in nature, whereas your Google+ Page is decidedly business-related. Consider this when deciding.

To link a Klout account to a Google+ Page, we have to first assign the Page its own Login, which has been possible (to my knowledge) since early 2013, and if you haven’t done it by now you should because there are distinct benefits besides linking it to your Klout. Start by logging in as the Page under the Owner account. If the Owner account is a Google Apps account this will not work (Google Apps accounts do not support the feature yet), so if need be, transfer ownership of the Page to a non-Google Apps account. New Owner accounts must be Managers for at least two weeks, so if you don’t have one already, you’ll have to wait a fortnight to finish this process after adding one.

Once logged in as the Page under the (non-Google Apps) Owner account, open up your Page Settings and scroll down to “Third-party tools” and click “Set up a password”, then follow the steps onscreen. When completed, you will be auto-assigned a new email address for the account, which will also have its own password login. The auto address will be inelegant, but don’t worry, you can change the primary email address later from Settings.

A more detailed breakdown of this process (with helpful screenshots) can be found in this post by Ronnie Bincer:

Once this is complete, make sure you are logged in to the Page account, go to Klout, go to your Network Settings and proceed to link Google+ as if you were linking Klout to a personal Google+ Profile. I’ve done this for a few different accounts, and it works without a hitch. Your Klout Score is now linked to your Google+ Page.