• disastergirlsamsunggalaxy10 Wacky Tech Predictions for 2017
          1) 1) Twitter finally acquired by 11-year old Jenny McIntyre of Dulles, Virginia in exchange for all her lunch money for 1-year. Miss McIntyre’s resume includes running a profitable lemonade stand and babysitting neighborhood children. Her pragmatic approach to business is expected to be a breath of fresh air for the company. Investor confidence increases, pushing their stock value up 37%. 2) Instagram rebrands as Instasnap… Continue reading 10 Wacky Tech Predictions for 2017
















        • ETER9 User Guide
          Over a billion people in the world today use social networks to connect with, follow, and share with and about the people and things that matter to them. These networks can be extremely valuable, but they also present a challenge to our notions of life, death, and even presence. Why? Because for most people… Continue reading ETER9 User Guide

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Internet Marketing

        • chopraquantummarketing10 Wacky Marketing Predictions for 2017
          1) Advertisers discover technology for delivering ads in pill form. World Health Organization declares global epidemic of ad junkies a health crisis. Users call it ‘Riding the Oscar Mayer Weiner’, ‘Commercial Breaking’, ‘Chasing the Trix Rabbit’, and ‘Freebasing Phoenix College’. 2) Snapchat courts pornographic advertising industry with ‘Naughty Filters’. Revenue and profits skyrocket. Company launches new dedicated… Continue reading 10 Wacky Marketing Predictions for 2017


  • Accelerated Mobile PagesRethinking AMP and Instant Articles: Signalling & Segmentation
    2016 will be remembered, in part, as the year that the Mobile web (the world wide web as accessed through Mobile devices, especially smartphones) went ‘Instant’, with the debut of both Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source project backed by Google, Twitter, and hundreds of partners, and Instant Articles, a competing project backed by Facebook and a somewhat overlapping group of publisher partners. Apple News… Continue reading Rethinking AMP and Instant Articles: Signalling & Segmentation












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